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Cinematic Titanic Live is the theatrical version of movie riffing, the comedic art form we created over twenty years ago in the form of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Performed in a theater, the five cast members take the stage and riff on a feature film in front of a live audience. Lately Cinematic Titanic has taken over some of the most beautiful theaters in the country with some of the cheesiest movies ever made, making for a hilarious evening of entertainment.

After each show, we’re fortunate enough to meet Mysties as well as new devotees of Cinematic Titanic. Just a note: We will sign pretty much anything with a smooth surface.

Our tours have already taken us to New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Austin, Atlanta, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, and Philadelphia! Check here for current shows, and we hope to come soon to a theater near you!

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