We’re really proud to announce that the first Cinematic Titanic DVD is available for sale! It’s been a fun and busy three months and We really hope you like it. Buy it now!

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First, some background about the film we chose…

Originally titled “Brain of Blood” for theatrical release and “The Creature’s Revenge” for television, it was shot in 1971 and somehow perfectly catches the spirit of the seventies-schlocksploitation zeitgeist. Once we found out we had a chance to obtain the rights to this find, we became kinda obsessed.

We began negotiating with Sam Sherman, one of the film’s producers and story creator, who’s a really nice man with a great sense of humor. Once Sam realized what we were intending to do to “Brain of Blood”, he granted us permission to license it, with the proviso that we change the name of the feature to avoid confusion in the marketplace with the original, unTitanic-ed version. This is such a great looking film, with so many unbelievable situations, it was an easy decision to oblige Sam’s wishes, and so we came up with the title “The Oozing Skull”.

Watch the trailer here!

Cinematic Titanic 1: “The Oozing Skull” was first performed as written in the studio. It was then performed live at Lucasfilm and ILM. Once we got Cinematic Titanic on its feet in front of a live audience, we were amazed by the response. All of us being former stand-ups, we realized that we were performing the jokes differently in front of a living, breathing audience– we were changing the way we delivered our lines, and also adding lots of extra material. In those two performances, enough new and better material evolved to warrant another pass at the film. This became a sort of an emergency fire drill for our production team, headed by Stoney Sharp and Tim Ford, but they seized the challenge with great aplomb. Yeah, it’s late, but we think it’s worth it.

So, that’s the dealio. This idea of doing the material live was a happy accident, not designed into our creative path, but we know it made the product better by performing in front of our fans. It was the perfect push we needed to figure out the pilot for Cinematic Titanic.

Also, for the time being, this feature is only being made available as an actual DVD. We found out in the eleventh hour of negotiating with Sam Sherman that only the DVD rights are available right now, with the ‘download to burn’ rights becoming available in the spring. Sorry about that chiefs. Our survey indicated that four out of five of you prefer DVD anyway. But this download thing– We suspect there’s a future to it.

So that it’s for now. We’re very happy and can’t wait for you to see Cinematic Titanic 1: “The Oozing Skull”.

The Cinematic Titanic: Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Joel Hodgson, Mary Jo Pehl, and J. Elvis Weinstein.