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Hello everyone, my name is Trace. I’m the quiet one. Thanks for checking us out and supporting our little project.

A few folks have been wondering, “Hey Trace? What’s the deal with that TIME TUBE?” Well it’s like this:

The TIME TUBE is part of the 500 Film Movie Riff Project.

All the films that CINEMATIC TITANIC riffs on, now and in the future, will be placed in the Time Tube for future generations to enjoy. Once the TIME TUBE is filled, we will find a plot of land and lower it into the ground. Simple yes?

Here’s a graphic from Joel illustrating the TIME TUBE:

Now I know what you are thinking, “Hey Trace? Can I make my own TIME TUBE?”

The only answer I can come up with is, yes. Yes you can. The TIME TUBE you see in the publicity photo of the CINEMATIC TITANIC gang below, is a reproduction of a time “capsule” sunk into the ground at the 1938 World’s Fair. The real thing was made from cupaloy steel and is sealed tight, suspended on a braided wire cable and buried deep under ground. It was meant to survive 500 years into the future.

Our time tube stand-in is a prop made of plastic and Styrofoam and I just hoped it would survive UPS.

You can make your TIME TUBE replica out of anything you might have around the house. 800 pounds of Cupaloy steel is fine, if you have any (ask your Mom).

I used some plastic trays I found at a local surplus store to make the tube, or middle bit. These were once used as sieves for sifting soil samples. They are about 6 3/4” in diameter and 3” deep. They all nest and I used about 20 of them all epoxied together. I then sanded them smooth. Hey, there’s a picture of me sanding:

The pointy end is made from 2” Styrofoam sheets I found in a dumpster. The foam was cut, stacked, glued together and shaped to be, well, pointy. I found a cool way to make these here: This is a pretty cool site if you like pointy rockets like I do. Click on the construction tab and look for Ogive Nose Cones.

“Hey Trace? How come in that photo you’re not touching the TIME TUBE? Are you trying to lift it with your mind?” The reason I’m not touching it in the photo is that I just singed my hands on a hot toaster strudel. I also have a phobia about touching things shaped like TIME TUBES.

I hope that answers your questions. Remember we’re not just here to entertain, but also to inform.

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The press has just started to roll on our first feature length DVD, “Cinematic Titanic’s The Oozing Skull” and we are thrilled! To get a sample of what the critics are saying, head over to the DVD section and read all about it - then if you haven’t already, buy the DVD. Also, we’ve booked a live event in Minneapolis (the land where movie riffing was born) on February 12! It’s coming up fast — to find out more check the news section.

For the time being, we’re trying to get the word out about our first DVD, so if you’re interested in doing a review,article, or interview, alert our press contact Josh Opitz at


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