In praise of Cinematic Titanic’s The Oozing Skull:’s Cory Doctorow proclaiming:

“Cinematic Titanic is Joel Hodgson’s latest project, and it kicks ass.”

The Bit Maelstrom writes:

“Can you go home again? Well, Cinematic Titanic is like going home and finding things better than you remember them.”

“In terms of riffs-per-minute? Sheer comic gold. About as good as anything MST3K ever did.” says:

“There are plenty of reasons to get excited about “Cinematic Titanic,” but tops of the pops has to be the return of Hodgson to the riffing arena. His spiky non sequiturs and head-spinning pop culture references are like gold to these ears, finally ending a 14-year absence from the genre with another creation that’s pure ecstasy to behold. I hate to typecast the guy, but damn he’s good at this stuff.”

Over at Quick Stop Entertainment (Kevin Smith’s website) they recommend:

“The magic is back, my friend. Snap it up, post haste.”






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