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Closed Captions for the deaf or hearing impaired


6:55 pm
December 30, 2010



posts 3

I know it is a cost factor and with youtube CC type technology getting better one day I can probably (in the next 3-5 years) be able to just make my own captions automatically.  But how about just ONE CT dvd with captions? 

My daughter is completely deaf and although she is still a bit young for CT humor (she is 6) I still took her to a live show and signed some of the dialogue, both from the cast, and from the movie (we saw Rattler, yeah yeah, I know bad parenting).  =)

It’s funny, in all the time growing with my daughter, and learning how to sign (I know as much as she does[in sign language])…my only real regret is that she will never get to share my favorite childhood experience of watching MST3k or CT without me signing every single word (and thus having to watch an episode 2-3 times just to "get it".  The MST3k movie had captions, can’t we have captions on at least ONE CT dvd (if you’d please)?

Thank you to anyone out there listening.


8:34 pm
December 30, 2010

Beautiful Mind


posts 3412

Kudos to you for trying to sign a CT show! I’ve been a sign language interpreter for 20 years now and even I’d never try to tackle that without some serious backup! With all the characters in the movie plus the 5 Titans there would just be too many voices trying to go through one set of hands. I mentioned captioning way back in the early days but I know it can be a bit pricey. Seems to me though that it might be within the means of Shout Factory to make this happen on some MST releases. Maybe it’d be worth it if both of us drop them an email just to see what they say?

PS Is that your little girl in your avatar? She is a beauty!

 A spatula nosed old freak beaver, Came down with a case of hay fever, He sneezed with such might, That his body took flight, And knocked out a golden retriever, by Bill Corbett (contest winning limerick with subject of my choosing)

8:45 am
December 31, 2010



posts 3

Yep, that is my lil Sarah.  I spent about 15 minutes trying to crop it and reduce it just right so that it would meet specs for an avatar (and not look too distorted).

Rattler was very short on riffs to be honest, and long on boring dialogue from the actors.  My wife went with me and both of us can sign everything that a typical 6 year old can say.  We took shifts signing but it was a late showing (9:30pm) and she passed out before the scene where snakes started coming out of the drain (I’m lucky like that).  

That is usually how it goes, she is still too young to read well.  She especially wouldn’t be able to understand the captioning on anything as complex as MST until she is maybe 8 or 9.  Still it is this pulling at my heart strings that she will never get to enjoy the talking robots, and silly scientists, and especially not be able to laugh along with me to CT.  They have subtitles out there that sync up with just about everything so that you can just download a SRT file and pow all set.  An SRT is basically just like a teleype text file that runs embeded into the AVI or movie file.  It would be quite cheap to just take the script of the CT people and at least have it available as a download in a word doc or text file.  I could sync it myself from there.  I just think I am going to have to be patient and wait for something downloadable as an app that will be able to work like Dragon Naturally speaking and translate into text word for word what is heard.  It’ll never be perfect since sometimes they riff over actual dialogue but that may be as good as she can get.  

Emailing shout factory is a good idea, but I feel that it would fall on deaf ears since I am sure they have had similar emails in the past and probably from actual deaf or hard of hearing people.  My hope in this thread is that one of the cast (I refuse to call them Titans, they are always gonna be Joel and the bots) will read this and go, "Hmmmm, let us cut into the bottom line a bit and just do ONE CT with captions for this lil girl."  

Joel did do some magic for my Sarah when she woke up to meet them at around midnight.  Joel was a bit bleery eyed and still managed to bring to the table something fun for my daughter.  He did a disappearing marker trick (and accidentially wrote on his shirt, cause he forgot to close the cap).  He also did the removable thumb trick and was just real sweet.  It is those moments that really kill me because she will only know him as some dude who did magic and not as how I know him. 


 Ps-This is the actual picture for the avatar:


My daughter finally made me shave my ridiculous goat, I was starting to look like a James Bond villian for awhile there. =)




12:18 pm
January 2, 2011

Beautiful Mind


posts 3412

How incredibly cool that Joel did magic for Sarah! I have a six year old daughter too and she would love that! Even though both Trace and Mary Jo know of and have asked after my daughter at the meet and greet, I haven’t taken her to a show yet mainly for selfish reasons. I live in the middle of nowhere so attending one of these usually involves a bit of a drive and an overnight hotel stay. That means getaway time for Mommy! Also I am blessed with an "early to bed" kid so even the early CT shows are too late for her and by the late show she would NOT be good company! I do think she’d like Santa Claus Conquers the Martians live but the CT gang say they are completely done with that one. Ah well, they’re bound to do another terrible kids movie eventually I bet!

As for emailing Shout about captioning MST I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t gotten many requests. If the show wasn’t captioned in the original run (not sure how they got around the law on that one) then there may not be enough Deaf people who remember it. But in the present, greater access means bigger fan base so it might be worth the investment for Shout because their profit margin is probably higher than CT’s. Anyway it’s certainly worth a try! 

BTW where did you guys see the show? I catch just about every one in the Midwest. I hope we get to run into each other some day!  

 A spatula nosed old freak beaver, Came down with a case of hay fever, He sneezed with such might, That his body took flight, And knocked out a golden retriever, by Bill Corbett (contest winning limerick with subject of my choosing)

2:04 pm
January 3, 2011



posts 3

All New Jersey shows.  One was at Princeton University (that one I went to by myself).  The one in November was Newark.  I hate driving in Jersey since there is always traffic.  But it was still worth it.

They never have any shows closer to me since I live in upstate NY.  I am pretty much done with live shows now.  I have as you might say, gotten it out of my system.   I wanted to make sure to see them before one of the CT members kicks, or retires.  When you are dealing with that many people in a crew, you have a great chance that one of them might break.  =)

I got my 1990 T-shirt autographed by all of them, and my 1996 T-shirt.  So I have it hung up in my basement and it is nice to look at.  I might one day catch a show again, but never again in Jersey, I can’t stand driving there (not even for MST).  =)


12:45 pm
January 4, 2011

Beautiful Mind


posts 3412

The Titans are all very funny and very nice but I tell ya, the reason I show up at so many of these is the great friends I have met along the way! There’s going to be a HUGE gathering in February in Detroit with some cool MSTies I met on Twitter. It might be the biggest meet-up I’ve ever attended. Folks are flying in from both coasts to be there and I can’t wait! If you’re inclined to use social networking sites, there’s a good sized group of very cool east coast MSTies who gather at shows too.

 A spatula nosed old freak beaver, Came down with a case of hay fever, He sneezed with such might, That his body took flight, And knocked out a golden retriever, by Bill Corbett (contest winning limerick with subject of my choosing)

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