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CT is now invading my dreams...


9:48 am
February 21, 2012



posts 19

Seriously. Had a dream that I was going to a second prom and we were late so I just said "I’ve got a ticket for Cinematic Titanic so I’m going!"…went there and everything…damn phone started ringing right before they went on stage and I was like "NOOOOOO!".

So, yeah.  Dream invaders. 

 "I guess I'll just have to develop a sense of humour"

10:27 am
February 21, 2012



posts 1531

HA! Next time turn the phone off before bedtime.

 Will it blend?

8:39 pm
February 22, 2012



posts 1086

Somewhere on this forum is a thread dedicated to CT dreams. I don’t know if I posted there but, yea, it’s happened to me too.

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